Love Your hands this Season , All Hand Creams on Deck!!!

Hi gals and guys, I know, I know, I have been MIA throughout the year and I must say I have missed you guys totally. All your messages and comments have been uplifting and motivating and I thank you all. Well, I never thought I would take this long to put up my next post but it’s being a very busy 2018 for me and all thanks to God, family and friends, I have achieved so much. I will be talking about how much we need to keep our hands loved up this season and my top ten hand creams for the season. Whether you are in Nigeria or in other parts of the continent, the cold season always makes you want to want keep up with moisturizing. Yes! Yes! Yes!Moisturizing during this period is very crucial as we don’t want cracked palms, dry flaky skin and all kinds of hyperpigmentation we are not ready for. This keeps our hand hydrated and feeling very comfortable. Our hands are an extension of ourselves and they reveal to others how well we take care of ourselves. There are varieties of hand creams out there both clinically and dermatologically tested to fit our needs. So always remember to pick up a good hand cream when shopping for cosmetics and other anti-aging products. Hand creams are amazing and very effective against aging and scaliness and also reduces the appearance of sun-spots. You don’t have to wait till the harmattan or winter period to get one, it can be used all through the year, as mechanical stress like washing, scrubbing, standing or driving under the sun and even shaking hands adds unnecessary trauma to our hands. Without futher-ado, let’s get down to business.

1. The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Honey and Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter

This hand cream has a buttery texture and it’s a very good moisturizer for dry and environmentally stressed hands according to Total Let’s just say I am impartial to body shop products and I know you will love it. It goes for $22 on

2. Burt’s Bees Almond and Milk Hand cream
This hand cream is amazing for those who suffer from dryness and cracked skin. It’s wonderful ingredients which are vitamin E, beeswax, and sweet almond oil are a heavenly combination. Its texture is so thick you wouldn’t need to apply much to your hands. It goes for $15.32 on

3. Clinique Deep comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream
This fragrance-free, non-irritating and non greasy cream is a must for those who are not into scented hand creams. It absorbs really fast and gives quick relief to your hands and giving you long lasting results. It goes for $22.50 on

4 C.O Bigelow Lemon Hand Treatment
This wonderful hand cream is packed with Lemon oil and lemon extracts, grapeseed oil and licorice extract that not only makes your hands soft and smooth but gives it a refreshing scent and brightens your hands. I would recommend this for fair ladies who have to maintain their complexion as well treating and reducing hyperpigmentation on dark knuckles. It goes for $16 on

5. Supergoop Forever Young Hand Cream Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++
This correcting hand cream prevents premature signs of aging as well protection from the sun. Ingredients like argan oil and meadowfoam seed have amazing skin benefits that keep your hands forever young. It goes for $12 on

6. Lano Hand Coconutter Intense Hand Cream
This lovely hand cream has a silky finish and also keep your hands supple and smooth. It keeps your hands intensely hydrated as well as giving you sweet coconut nectar scent that makes you want to love your hands every minute. It goes for $14.95 on

7. Tocca Crema Da Mano Luxe Hand Cream
If you are scented hand cream person, then this is just right for you. With fragrances ranging from Stella’s Italian blood orange, to Bianca’s calming green tea and lemon and let’s not forget the fruity fragrance of Liliana’s peach and muguet, the varieties are endless. This Italian based product offers varieties of hand cream that keeps your hand incredibly soft, calm and smooth, not to forget smelling delicious! It goes for $24.99 on

8. Le Couvent des Minimes Honey & Shea Nourishing Hand Cream
This luxurious hand cream gives nourishing and hydrating results when applied to your hands. The honey and Shea butter makes a highly moisturizing cream that keeps your hands supple always. It goes for $15 on

9. Ahava Time to Smooth Age Perfecting Hand Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15
This absorbing correcting hand cream helps reverse sun damage, aging, and also reduced skin discoloration. The SPF helps in preventing further skin damage from the environment leaving your hands protected, youthful and less greasy. It goes for $24.15 on

10. Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer Cream
Now I wouldn’t forget the guys, this is one of the best hand creams for men, if your guy neglects his hands most times this could be the perfect gift for him this season, and he would thank you, a lot! Lol. The Jack black skin care line are mostly made for men especially those who work outdoors, wash their hands regularly as well as those that suffer cracks and calluses. This fragrance free hand cream makes it ideal for Today’s Man as well nourishing your hands with vitamins like A&E. It goes for $15 on

My top ten Must haves have been revealed and I hope you liked the sneak peek you got at all the products. Taking care of our hands is very essential and this boost our self esteem and confidence around other people Make sure to always moisturize and keep your hand cream with you at all times both outdoors and indoors, you never know when you might need it. I hope my recommendations helps 😏😏and I would love to hear your comments,😌😃 likes😍😍🤩🤩, questions 🤔🤔and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to follow my blog🤩🤩😘😘, as I always say it’s sooo encouraging. Until my next post…
Xoxo IshaSavvy..😊😊

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