Dressing for Harmattan

The harmattan season can be a tricky weather, due to the weather being cold early in the morning, hot in the afternoon and very cold at night. This makes it difficult to know what to wear during this season. Imagine wearing a nice dress with a nice  sweater for the ladies or a nice suit for the men because its cold obviously in the morning, then going to work and suddenly the weather changes and you have to take off the sweater or your suit jacket. Kind of a bummer when you realise that outfit you are wearing doesn’t completely match your other accessories. Although, the season makes it difficult for a lot of people to dress how they want, but that should not stop my lovely fashionistas from dressing to impress be it a casual outing or a work day. Now here are some amazing tips on how you can dress during the season and still look fabulous!!!

1. Dress Warmly

This implies wearing clothes that are insulated based such as incorporating jackets, blazers, long sleeves, sweaters, turtlenecks and cardigans. These wears not only keep you warm from the harsh cold weather but can easily be taken off if no longer required for the rest of the day.



2. Headgears

This is as important as not only is it essential but also beneficial to our body and health. The headgear could be in any form such as face caps, hats, head warmers, or a unique African/Arabian styled head turban. Just the way you like it on you. This prevents a lot of dust and dirt from settling on your hair and preventing you from looking shabby and scruffy.

3. Long skirts and Trousers

I know, I know so many of you lovely ladies like to show some skin but let me tell you, long skirts are so in fashion that any body type would look great in them, it’s a just a matter of finding that skirt that Says YOU! Long trousers as well as performs the work as skirts as they prevent the skin from drying up faster than normal leaving your skin smooth and hydrated.



4. Sun Shades

This is also a nice fashion statement as they can be worn in weathers such as this. It is also an essential item to have as this prevents dust and dirt from penetrating the eyes and causing a lot of discomfort to the eyes. It also prevents dirt from settling on your lashes which could lead to a red eye if not used frequently especially on harsher days.



5. Wear dark Colors

This is also a useful tip as the amount of dust found during this period can leave your light coloured dress dirty especially the white. My advice is to wear more of dark colored clothes during this period to prevent losing the lighter ones to this weather.


Don’t forget to moisturize especially your hands and feet, make sure you keep a lip balm, Vaseline and foot cream with you at all times.  Foot wears should also be air –dried as often as possible so as to prevent foot infections and foot odors. So these are a few tips on what to wear during this season. I hope it helps!!! 😊🙄Would love to hear your comments, 😉likes,😚 questions 🤔🤔and will get back to you as soon as I can!😍😍 Don’t forget to follow,😎😎 its sooo encouraging.


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