Super Food Vegetables

Having just a balanced diet with a regular workout does not cut it these days, especially for keeping fit and healthy. The right type of food should also be included in our diets, because relying on suggestions from friends and family about a particular food, vegetable or fruit are still not enough as we have […]

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Over the years, face masks and face packs have been used to beautify our skin making us look younger, flawless, fresher and more beautiful. These methods have been adopted by so many spas around the world and are being cultivated in homes as DIY’S everyday and of course why not try it yourself? Knowing your […]


Dressing for Harmattan

The harmattan season can be a tricky weather, due to the weather being cold early in the morning, hot in the afternoon and very cold at night. This makes it difficult to know what to wear during this season. Imagine wearing a nice dress with a nice  sweater for the ladies or a nice suit […]

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Skirt Styles- “AGMH part 1”

Hello, my wonderful readers, I think I promised more out the section “A Girl must Haves”. I would be talking about skirts today. I know, I know, it took forever right? Lol! Ok, but it’s here now and for all those lovely ladies out there in my hometown and across the world who would like […]

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